Best Buys at Aldi

While I think that overall Aldi may have you paying less when you walk out of the grocery store. No one store will be cheaper on all items, but you can definitely pay less on your grocery bill when you come here.

Best buys at Aldi from

What’s different here

You may wonder how can they do it for a lot less. Their store runs very differently. They are a no frills operation, no coffee bars, no samples, but they do offer a great savings.

  • You need to pay a completely refundable deposit on the shopping cart.
  • You will need to bring your own shopping bags, or you can use the boxes they have available, or you can purchase a bag or two at a reasonable cost.
  • The stores are smaller, they are stocked with under 1,500 items when compared to 30,000 items that can be found at many grocery stores.
  • They primarily carry only their brand, but keep it mind these products are made from other food companies.
  • Staff here work has cashiers and they also stock the store.
  • They take cash and debit cards, they do not take credit cards.

Best Buys at Aldi

They have many items that I think this is the place to go for.

  • Gallons of milk at my local stores run between 1.89 to 1.99.
  • Eggs are often about 50 cents cheaper than at my grocery store
  • Block Cheeses that are 8 ounces have been running under two dollars, at my grocery store they run between 2 and 3 dollars.
  • Basic baking items such as nuts, sugar, spices, flour, baking powder are a deal here. They are regularly up to 50% less than my local grocery store.
  • Their organic foods are priced very well. They can run up to 50% off my local Kroger or HEB.
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Frozen Chicken
  • Loaves of Bread

Good Price Savings

  • Higher end cheeses such as Brie – I love their brie, priced where I can buy some every trip
  • Snack Foods – their potato chips, corn chips, and their store brand are really good. Set these in a bowl at party, no one is the wiser.
  • Cereals – good tasting cereals comparable to national brands
  • Canned goods – their organic tomato sauces are a favorite of mine, and their regular tomato sauce runs 4 cans for a dollar
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Fancy Lettuce
  • Hummus

Items you may want to pass on

While I think their prices are generally the best hands down. There are items I do not think they are the best place to go for prices. I do not think their prices are higher here, but I don’t think that Aldi has the best price on everything. I tend to feel like basic staples for stretching your food dollars aren’t where you are going to save money here.

  • Dried beans – I think your regular grocery stores are better at their prices
  • Rice – I can get a better price per ounce at my local grocer store depending upon what size I buy
  • Pasta – I find their brand and Barilla cost the same at my local Kroger stores
  • Ground beef – they are typically prices higher than my grocery store by 50 cents to a dollar for ground chuck

Hit or Miss

My 2 local Aldi’s have good produce sections, I have read that some are hit or miss.

  • Produce – Pineapples and Avocados can be very good deals here. Pineapple is often between 99 cents to 1.99.
  • Asparagus – I have bought packs all spring that are between 1.49 and 1.99 all spring
  • Meat – prices are all over the map, high and low. Fresh chicken legs and thighs are good deals, my best advice is know what the local stores are charging

Great items to try

  • Chocolates – They have wonderful European chocolates
  • Fit and Active Brand – a healthy line of foods
  • Gluten Free Products – priced better than regular grocery stores
  • Nuts and Trail Mix

While you may not be able to do all of your shopping at Aldi, I think they are a good store to go to purchase your essential items. I do not think they have the best prices on everything, they are always priced competitively, and sometimes they by far the least expensive on most items.

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  1. Vicky

    Some of my favorite things at Aldi’s are:
    German kraut
    Chicken stock
    beef stock
    dairy—butter, yogurt, cheese, etc.
    fresh meats
    Actually just about everything.

    The Aldi’s in Germany have a much larger selection and their produce section is nicer. The cheeses? Oh, my!

  2. Rose Liberatore

    I tried shopping at Aldi’s many times, its a chore because at least at Walmart can use their driveable carts. I am in pain from Arthritis and require a cart to ride in when I shop. All our grocery stores have driveable carts except Aldi’s . I am so disappointed I can not shop in your store. When are you going to realize how many of us handicapped shoppers would love to shop at Aldi’s and would if you had the carts. I would be willing to pay for the use of one, just like I pay for the regular shopping carts that costs only 25 cents . On these you would not have to return the cost of renting one , simply because its a necessity for handicaps. How about a reply back to me regarding this important detriment to your company.

  3. Hulkamania

    I always shop at Aldi’s… best place to go grocery shopping for affordable quality food. I don’t like going into my local Walmart most of the time because it is just an unpleasant experience and their food is not the same quality unless its name brand. When I shop at Aldi’s, its pleasant and easy. Everything is in the spots that I am familiar with every time as well as some hidden gems every once in awhile.

      • Ann Diamond

        Early Sunday morning is a good time to shop at Aldi. Not too many people and that is when our local Aldi marks down the packages of meat that are nearing the end of their shelf life. I’ve gotten beef and chicken for less than half price. However, once the churches begin to let out it gets packed. Must be the thing to do after church!!

  4. Betty Law Morgan

    Aldi’s fresh produce is way better priced than my local Kroger, Publix, or Wal-Mart. Cantaloup for .99 instead of 1.99 or 2.49; seedless watermelon at 1.99 not 3.99. My first grocery stop is always Aldis

  5. Kathy

    What I like best about Aldi’s is their produce. Asparagus, green onions, brussel sprouts green beans, strawberries, cilantro, greens are usually a better bargain than at the chain grocery store. Aldi’s fruits like apples and pineapples tend to run smaller which is perfect for those shopping for only 1-2 people. I love their corn chips; the flavor is very “corny.”

    • Stephanie Manley

      I couldn’t agree more with you. I love their corn chips, when I think of a frito pie, these are the chips that I want to use. I really like their produce department. I think they are good on things that are often more expensive in regular grocery stores. I

  6. smuckers

    Their soft drinks are wonderful running about $2.25 for a 12 pack. You can’t go wrong with orange, grape and their versions of Sprite and Dr Pepper

  7. Chris HyeThymeCafe

    I don’t take advantage of them often enough, but one of the main things that keeps me going to Aldi’s is the berries. They’re always MUCH cheaper than at my other local markets! And I love going in around the holidays – they have such an eclectic selection of items. 🙂

    • Stephanie Manley

      I have gotten to where I try to go there first and pick off what I can from them. Their produce is a deal. I am a big fan of their 1.99 asparagus. This spring I ate a lot of their asparagus.

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