Fast Food Burgers

Do you have a favorite fast food burger?  What do you look for in a fast food burger?  A recent trip to Five Guys Burgers got me to thinking.

Fast Food Burgers

This last weekend I went to Five Guys, this was recommended to me by co-workers and friends, during different conversations, and I thought, so this is worth stopping by. Honestly, I loved their homestyle old-fashioned burger. They served a juicy burger, with a variety of toppings, and there you don’t need to pay extra any toppings, it isn’t the most economical burger, but it is a very tasty one. I liked their old style french fries, they cut them there, and then fry them, many people don’t like those kinds of fries, because they are darker. Those style of fries remind me of a bowling alley my next door neighbors had, and they would slice up a potato and deep fry it for you when you ordered. Tasty, and they reminded me of home.

I have to wonder if finally, we are turning a corner on fast food burgers. In the area where I live, Houston, we have had the Five Guys chain move in, and

What’s your favorite fast food burger? What do you really like in a burger? Me? I like a juicy, not greasy meaty patty, that is piled high with fresh veggies. Now, I wished I had a photo of the burger that I had at Five Guys, it was incredibly tasty, so tasty, a picture wasn’t snapped. Smashburger, Five Guys, Steak and Shake, Whataburger, Fatburger, Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, are just a few of the burger chains that are out there? Where do you go for your favorite fast food burger?

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  1. KMS81

    I grew up with In-N-Out Burger so trying a 5 guys burger was a disappointment all three times. In-N-Out cuts the fries on site and also has their buns made special for them and buys special beef and real cheese not the stuff that I have gotten from 5 guys. Like I have said a million times to people if I wanted to eat a burger that tastes homemade I would stay at home where my burgers taste better than 5 guys.

  2. Ellengalizia

    i think it’s great that there is a copy cat book, even if they can’t find my cock robin hsmburger recipe. maybe some day they will find it. thanks ellen

    • Wildwildrose171

      Could you shoot me the recipe? We don’t have any 5 guys here and I don’t make hamburgers anymore cause they just aren’t good…..its so frustrating!! If you do, try [email protected] 😛 I would be forever in debt, so would my family!!!

  3. dmw

    Try Cupps Drive In in Waco, TX or Ground Pat’i in Lafayette, LA or other south Louisiana cities. If I had to eat burgers for every meal it would be at Ground Patti but Cupps is a must every time I go home to Waco to get an old time burger and fries. 5 Guys, Fuddruckers, Red Robin, and Christi Mae’s (not only for burgers) in Albuquerque get an honorable mention too.

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