Top 25 Recipes from 2015

So I have given you the top 10 new recipes of 2015, now it is time to do the all time favorites of this year!

Here are the top 25 recipes from for 2015.  Check out these favorite copycat recipes.

25. Longhorn Steakhouse Macaroni and Cheese – Try this macaroni and cheese, 4 different types of cheese, a touch of smoke, you are going to love this one.

24. Melting Pot Cheddar Cheese Fondue –  Everyone loves this recipe during the holidays.  It is very easy to make homemade Fondue.  Don’t have a Fondue pot, a small pan on the stove, and a small slow cooker will do the job.

23.  Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce – This is the recipe that got me started.   Creamy white sauce goes so well over pasta.  This recipe is easy to prepare.

22.  Mexican Cornbread Casserole – This casserole is actually a recipe from growing up.  We made this one all of the time when I was a small child.

21.  Starbucks Pumpkin Bread –  Here is a recipe I am very proud of.  Folks rave about how close this tastes to the real deal.

20.  13 Red Lobster Recipes –  Here is a collection of recipes that taste just like the Red Lobster.

19. Popeyes Red Beans and Rice – Enjoy those classic red beans and rice, you are going to love this one.

18.  Outback Steakhouse Steamed Green Beans – This recipe was developed after many readers requests.

17.  Wingstop Lemon Pepper Wings – avoid the long lines here, make lemon pepper wings at home.

16.  Raising Canes Dipping Sauce –  love this sauce?  Now you never have to run out of this amazing sauce.

15.  Outback Steakhouse Baked Potato – have you ever wondered how they get the salt to stick?  Unlock this secret.

14.  Panera Bread Baked Potato Soup – You don’t have to eat this classic potato soup only on the days they serve it, make it anytime now when you have a copycat recipe for this one.

13.  Wendy’s Chili – a longtime favorite of many.  Make a large pot of this soup.   Enjoy this healthy chili at home.

12.  Panda Express Chow Mein – always on the menu, and always a favorite.  Many people say this ones tastes better than the restaurant version.

11.  Papa John’s Garlic Dipping Sauce – Hate having to fight over the one you get with the pizza?  Make this anytime now.

10.  Cheesecake Factory Oreo Cheesecake – One of my favorite cheesecakes of all time.  There is a video included so you know how to make this one.

9.   Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno Dip – now you will never run out of this classic dip!

8.    Favorite Olive Garden Recipes – so many Olive Garden copycat recipes in one place.   Get your recipes now!

7.    Olive Garden Grilled Chicken and Alfredo Sauce – this recipe was requested so many times that I wanted to share this recipe with you.

6.    Jalapeno Poppers – I will show you how to keep the breading locked on tight when you cook your favorite appetizer up.

5.    Wingstop Garlic Parmesan Wings – Don’t miss out on this wing recipe.  The garlic and parmesan make these wings amazing.

4.    Olive Garden Chicken Scampi – This recipe came from a direct request that was so well written I had to work on this recipe.

3.    Olive Garden Salad Dressing – long before it was sold in stores, this copycat recipe was available.  Save on preservatives, make this one at home.

2.    Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup – you are going to love this one.   This is a recipe everyone raves about.

1.    How To Make the Perfect Roast Beef – learn how to cook that favorite roast beef of yours in the oven, perfectly.  Every time.


About Stephanie Manley

I recreate your favorite restaurant recipes, so you can prepare these dishes at home. I help you cook dinner, and serve up dishes you know your family will love. You can find most of the ingredients for all of the recipes in your local grocery store.

Stephanie is the author of's Dining Out in the Home, and's Dining Out in the Home 2.

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  1. Liz

    I’ve been trying to fine a recipe for uncle julios cheese dip and fresh tortillas and can’t find anything comparable? It’s an Atlanta restaurant chain. Xo

  2. Diane Tompkins

    Do you have a recipe for Publix Cherry strip coffee cakes.They also have Apple,Cream Cheese, and Raspberry. Thank you so much. Diane

  3. Lonnie

    Bloomington and Peoria Illinois have Italian restaurants named Avanti.
    I love the bread they bake fresh on sight.. They have white and whole wheat breads.
    There are some recipes on the web but not quite the same.
    Would love to make The Bread!
    Thanks for all the recipes you have developed and acquired. Such work and dedication!
    Love your site!!

  4. Betty Thompson

    Would you know of a recipe for Tiramisu as like in Johnny’s Restraunt, in Boardman, Ohio.
    I think it is made with layers of Tres Lechen cake.

  5. Heather d

    I love reading all your recipes and have tried many. Thank you for all your hard work. I know it may not be overly healthy but maybe could you try to copycat the avocado sauce used in Taco Bell’s shredded chicken burritos? My kids and I love it and they want to have it at home more often.
    Thank you for any help.

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