Frito Taco Salad with catalina dressing

Taco Salad with Frito Corn Chips

A unique way to make taco salad with loads of crunch and flavor.

Tasty & Easy Mexican Meal

A great recipe you can make on a busy day, Taco Tuesday, or Cinco de Mayo.

Simple ingredients

Ground Beef Taco Seasoning Mix Shredded Lettuce Fritos Corn Chips Cheddar Cheese Tomatoes Red Onions Black Olives Catalina Dressing Salsa

It's so easy to make! Throw everything in a bowl and toss it with the dressing.

Catalina dressing gives it a special flavor that makes it so delicious.

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This is the best Frito Taco Salad with Catalina Dressing recipe and you must make it!