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Welcome to CopyKat.com, where you will find all your favorite restaurant recipes recreated. You will find your favorite Olive Garden recipes, Panera Bread recipes, and more.

There are almost two thousand recipes online; all have easy-to-follow instructions, and many have videos for you to follow along. All of these recipes have been kitchen-tested and are easy to prepare. So if you can’t go out for dinner, you can still enjoy those familiar tastes at home.

Why CopyKat Recipes?

CopyKat.com got its start by growing up in a very rural area. The town I graduated in still has a population of less than 500. Going out to eat wasn’t something we did because places weren’t around. Going out to the Olive Garden involved a 3-hour adventure just getting there and back. So when we would go out, if we found recipes that my family loved, we tried to recreate them at home.

Sharing recipes online was something that began in 1995. I had initially put up my family’s favorite recipes and a few copycat recipes. I wanted to capture the delicious home-cooked meals my family enjoyed at my Grandmother’s house. You have access to all of the treasured recipes from my family here. Visitors wanted more copycat recipes.

Since 1995, CopyKat.com has grown to focus primarily on copycat recipes. Viewers just like yourself have enjoyed these recipes over the years. Some people like to customize recipes based on their personal dietary preferences, some people have prepared these recreated restaurant recipes when they have been trying to save money, and others have designed their favorite recipes at home for fun!

CopyKat recipes share three characters

No matter the recipe, I want to ensure my readers have great cooking experiences. For me, this means ingredients are easy to find, the instructions are clear, and your dish is one that you love.

  • Ingredients should be found in most grocery stores. It’s no fun to go around tracking down hard-to-find ingredients.
  • The recipes must be easy to prepare. You don’t need to be a chef to prepare these recipes!
  • No special equipment should be used. Home kitchens don’t have all of the fancy hardware a restaurant kitchen has, all recipes can be made in a normal kitchen!

About Stephanie Manley

I love to cook and share my recipes with all of my viewers. I am continually recreating recipes for my readers. I want to inspire people to cook at home and make great memories of sharing meals with their friends and family. I have appeared on Great Day Houston and two episodes of the Living Well Network. I have also published three books, CopyKat.com Dining Out in the Home I, CopyKat.com Dining Out in the Home II, and Copycat Coffeehouse Recipes. You can also view over 600 recipes on my Youtube channel.

I have an undergraduate degree from Sam Houston State University in Environmental Science, where I have applied the scientific method to crack those recipes you enjoy dining out at home. I stayed in school way too long and received another undergraduate degree from Our Lady of the Lake in Business, and then I went onto my Master of Business Administration from Houston Baptist University.  Since a more formal education, I have taken many classes at the LeNotre Culinary Institute.

CopyKat Recipes are loved! Don’t Take My Word for it!

My recipes have appeared in a variety of places, Buzzfeed, Parade.com, Country Living, PopSugar, CNet.com, Social Media Examiner, Mental Floss, MSN.com, Tacobell.com, Eater.com, SpoonUniversity, SeriousEats, Today.com, and many more.

Speaking Events

Over the years I have spoken at many conferences about blogging, I have spoken at BlogHer, Techmunch @Austin, Blog Elevated, and Food and Wine Conference.   If you are in Houston, Texas I attend and have spoken at SearchHouston, and the Houton WordPress Meetup Group.

People always ask, Do restaurants get angry that you copy their recipes?

The answer is No! Over the years, many restaurants have shared their recipes with me, invited me into their kitchens, had me try their food in preview dinners, and some have even allowed me to have tasting menus with my blog readers. While you can cook food just like a restaurant, you can’t replace your experience in a restaurant.

Brand Collaborations

I have worked with many brands to create content for my readers over the years. It’s always a win when my readers can use quality ingredients for their meals. Some brands I have worked with are Glad Plastic Wrap, StarKist Tuna, Johnsonville Sausage, Hunts Tomato Sauce, and many more.

homemade Olive Garden Asiago Torgelloni Alfredo with chicken on a plate

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