Copycat Chili’s Salsa

Making Chilis salsa isn’t hard to do. Now you can make your own version of Chilis Restaurant Salsa at home. You can make salsa just like Chili’s with our recipe.

Canned tomatoes and canned green chiles make preparing this salsa easy. A couple of hours of chilling will help blend and enrich the flavors.

a bowl of homemade Chili's salsa and tortilla chips

Homemade Chili’s Salsa

Chilis salsa is so easy to make. You never have to worry about being without a jar of salsa again, because you will always be able to whip up a batch of homemade salsa that tastes great.

You can also customize this recipe to your personal liking. If you want more garlic, you can add more garlic. What I also love about this recipe is that by using canned ingredients you can have this salsa any time of year.

So why not whip up a batch of this great tasting Chilis salsa today?


Here’s a list of what you need:

  • Canned diced jalapeño chiles
  • Yellow onion
  • Rotel diced tomatoes with green chilies
  • Canned whole peeled tomatoes with juice
  • Garlic salt
  • Ground cumin
  • Sugar
  • Lime juice, optional
  • Fresh cilantro, optional
Chili's salsa ingredients

How to Make Chili’s Salsa

  1. Place the jalapeños and onions in a food processor. Process for just a few seconds.
  2. Add tomatoes, garlic salt, cumin, and sugar.
  3. Add lime juice and cilantro if desired.
  4. Process until everything is well blended, but do not puree.
  5. Place in a container, cover, and chill well before serving.

This salsa can be made quickly in no time at all. You will most likely spend more time assembling your ingredients than you will be making this salsa. I personally love to add a little extra fresh garlic to my salsa, but that is just me.

This salsa will stay fresh in your refrigerator for about 3 to 5 days.

tortilla chips and a bowl of homemade Chili's salsa

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a bowl of homemade Chili's salsa and tortilla chips

Copycat Chili’s Salsa

You can recreate Chilis Salsa in no time at all with this easy copycat recipe. An easy blender recipe with canned tomatoes and chilies. 
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Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Chilis Salsa, Salsa
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 8
Calories: 20kcal


  • 4 teaspoons canned diced jalapeño chiles
  • 1/4 cup diced yellow onion
  • 14.5 ounces diced tomatoes with green chilies (Rotel)
  • 14.5 ounces whole peeled tomatoes with juice
  • 3/4 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/4 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons lime juice optional
  • 1 tablespoon fresh cilantro optional


  • Place the jalapeños and onions in a food processor. Process for just a few seconds.
  • Add both cans of tomatoes, garlic salt, cumin, and sugar. Process until everything is well blended, but do not puree.
  • Place in a container, cover, and chill well before serving.



Calories: 20kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 0g | Fat: 0g | Saturated Fat: 0g | Cholesterol: 0mg | Sodium: 297mg | Potassium: 199mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 2g | Vitamin A: 120IU | Vitamin C: 10.1mg | Calcium: 32mg | Iron: 1.1mg

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  1. Chris c

    This is for the person who asked about fresh ingredients i make a very spicy salsa i use 6-8 roma tomatoes almost half a yellow onion about 3 cloves of garlic 2-3 fresh jalapenos 1 habanero 1 serano pepper i roast in a skillet together to blacken em half a stalk of cilantro or to taste a lil salt n sugar to taste n i chop everything up into pieces or chunks n throw all in a blender for a cpuple seconds

    • Deborah

      The recipe above tastes nothing like Chili’s. I used a can of Rotel, a can of diced tomatoes, 1/2 jalapeno, 1/4 teaspoon chili powder, 1 teaspoon fresh garlic, 3/4 teaspoon cumin, 1 teaspoon sugar, few squirts of lime juice and a table spoon of fresh cilantro. Pulsed it slow about 10 times in a blender or food processor I do need to chill it, but it already tastes a million times better than the recipe above. After if chills a few hours, I might add a little hot sauce because I like it very hot.

  2. bassman

    Not “snarky” at all as Travel puts it. All these positive comments and “1” person snags in a negative. I would have been a little “snarky” also. I think anyone in your line of business would. Trust me, there’s a lot more less snarkyness out there than Travel.

  3. Alex

    You were most certainly not wrong. The anonymous person above is a hater! You’re very nice and servant to have revised your comment. Let garbage lie where is lay!

  4. Richard Wetzel

    To those asking about it (I know it says it was a few years ago) you absolutely can prepare this and can it for later use. I usually make enough to can about 7-8 pints of it. The only thing I would recommend is adding more jalapenos, as it seems to require more to maintain the same spice level as it has when prepared according to the recipe.

    • bbrown

      Unless this recipe has been safety tested, and I see no indication that it has, it is not safe for canning. Not to mention there is not enough a id to make it viable for water bath preserving. Stick to immediate use only.

      • Pam

        I water bath can salsa with ingredients I grow organically and no one has ever died ( or gotten sick! ) But I add extra lime juice to reduce the pH to a safe level and then when I open a jar, I neutralize it with a little sugar. Pickle juice might work too ! I never thought of that !

  5. Traci-Ann

    I just made this recipe with 2 cans of Rotel (tomatoes/chili’s) since it’s all I had; I added a bit of cilantro and 1 whole jalapeno pepper (de-seeded) and it was pretty spicy for me… A good base recipe, you can add cilantro (my favorite) and even try some roasted tomatoes for a different taste.. 🙂 Thx

  6. Dan

    I make this salsa a lot. I do add cilantro, more jalapeno and more garlic. i do not use the juice from the whole peeled tomatoes. Its always good. Over the years i have tweeked it here and there. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

  7. Sarah smith

    I worked for Chili’s for 8 years and the secret to the salsa is a premade pouch of condensed tomato and spices. They mix that with fresh tomatoes and water. That’s all.

  8. joe

    have had great success with this recipe everytime, don’t knock it until you try it. maybe I just have the magic touch because I don’t usually measure out the suttle things like cumin and the sugar, and it always comes out perfect.

    • stephaniemanley

      I am glad you enjoy the recipe. I don’t always measure everything either. It comes out pretty good.

  9. Salsaman

    I am not a big fan of Chilis salsa, I find it watery and not hot enough. I did make this for my wife who loves Chilis salsa and she thought this recipe was great! My only comment would be to add cilantro and lime juice, otherwise it is good according to the wife.

    • stephaniemanley

      Well I am much relieved that this salsa passed your test. You sound like you know what you are talking about when it comes to salsa.

  10. Becca Torsell

    We’re growing peppers and tomatoes in our garden now. We’ll for sure be making this recipe in the summer!

  11. partyon99

    Just found ON THE BORDER Cantina Salsa at SAM’S Club It’s made for thin chips just like Chili’s uses. I think it’s just like Chili’s. I used Tostitos Cantina thin & crispy chips.

  12. Aaron

    I tried this batch for the first time and it was great. I used a little bit to much onion. Other than that I’m very impressed with easy salsa recipe.

    • stephaniemanley

      Sometimes onions can be stronger than other times. I think if you white onions you have a better chance of them not being so strong.

  13. VSanity

    Followed the recipe but mine is too spicy to be Chili’s salsa. Does anyone know what I could do to the recipe to make it less spicy/more like chili’s? Thanks!

  14. Jennifer Maxwell

    I’ve made this salsa for years now and it’s requested at every event, party or get together I go to. Sometimes people just ask if I can make it for them. lol I make it just like the recipe except I add a little more garlic salt to mine because I really like garlic. Sometime I just shake a little salt over it (if I’m not adding more garlic salt) and it tastes WONDERFUL. I’m actually eating some right now!!

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