Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists

Can’t get enough of the Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists? You can make these at home! Enjoy these delicious crunchy treats anytime!

fried duros with cinnamon and sugar

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Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists are delicious sugary cinnamon snacks. Our cinnamon twists recipe makes twists that taste just like the ones at Taco Bell, without the drive-thru experience.

They’re crunchy and super light. Plus, the sugar/cinnamon mixture provides the perfect balance of spice and sweetness. And they’re really easy to make.

What are Duros?

What’s the real secret here? Taco Bell Pasta noodles are really duros. These twists are made with a particular type of wheat pasta you can find at specialty Mexican markets. This pasta is called duros.

What makes this type of pasta unique is that it puffs up when you cook it. This copycat cinnamon twist recipe is made by deep-frying the spiral-shaped pasta in vegetable oil at 350 degrees.

The pasta will puff up in about 15 seconds while being cooked. Then these crispy bites are coated liberally with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Please don’t buy ordinary pasta and expect it to puff up – it won’t!

spiral duros - a type of wheat pasta

Duros – Your 30 Second Snack

If you live in a neighborhood with a Latin American influence, you’ve probably seen bags of duros. They often come in shapes that look like tiny wagon wheels – and they almost resemble little sliced tomatoes.

They also come in tiny worm shapes, twisty pellets, sheets, and small 1-inch squares. They are very hard, which is maybe why they are called duros (after the Spanish word for hard).

A quick 20-30 second trip through the microwave will puff them up and you’ll have a crunchy snack ready to eat. One traditional way to eat them is to sprinkle them with chili powder and lime juice.

If you want to make a large batch for family or friends, you can fry them, and they’re just as tasty.

cooking spiral shaped durros

You can buy your spiral-shaped duros online, I bought mine from Amazon.

Can you make cinnamon twists with other types of noodles?

Save yourself some time on this one. The quick answer is … no. Regular spiral pasta noodles do not puff. Nor do most grocery store varieties. Cooked, left-over pasta does not puff up when cooked.

This twisty treat recipe is easily made if you have a deep fryer (any size is fine). You can also make them in your Dutch oven. Just make sure you heat up the frying oil to a temperature between 300-350°F. Then you need a small plastic bag, twisty duros noodles, sugar, and cinnamon.

Can you make Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists in the air fryer?

You can, but I don’t love the results. I cooked these in my air fryer at 490 degrees for about 6 to 7 minutes. They do puff up, they are crunchy, but for me, the problem was I couldn’t get the cinnamon and sugar to stick.

I personally found the results of spraying the duros with some non-stick spray to be not as good. I prefer mine when I used the deep frying method.

a plate of cinnamon and sugar fried duros

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fried duros with cinnamon and sugar

Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists

Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists are easy to make at home with this copycat recipe. Enjoy this tasty Mexican sweet treat for a light dessert or snack.
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Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: cinnamon twists
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 250kcal


  • 4 ounces spiral-shaped duros
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • oil for frying


  • Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl and stir.

Deep Fryer instructions

  • Heat oil to 350 degrees.
  • Place about 15 pieces in at once, and cook. Nothing will happen for the first few seconds, then suddenly they will puff up. Cook for 5 seconds after they have puffed up.
  • Move to a wire rack to drain, and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over these very liberally.



Deep fryer


Calories: 250kcal | Carbohydrates: 27g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 17g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 1mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 25g | Calcium: 20mg | Iron: 1mg

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  1. Melissa

    I first batch I made was good. Then it began to have a very off taste. And the oil smelled very strong and not in a good way. I had trouble keeping the oil at 350. So I think mine burn and made the house stink for like 6 hours.

  2. Cecelia Peterson

    5 stars
    I made these for my grandbaby who loves them, thank you!
    How long and how would you store the leftovers?

  3. Sally

    5 stars
    This is not a Mexican treat. No Mexican puts sugar on their chicharrones. Cinnamon twists are a Taco Bell invention and they use FLOUR ones not the regular authentic Mexican ones.

    • Jeanne

      I work for Taco Bell and the Cinnamon twists are a mixture of wheat flour, yellow corn meal, rice flour and salt.” Anyone who’s curious for more ingredient info can find it at tacobell.com/ingredients. Hope that helps

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