Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q Creamed Corn

Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q Creamed Corn has to be one of my favorite ways to enjoy creamed corn. If you have never been in Texas and you haven’t been to Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q, you are missing out.

overhead view of homemade Rudy's creamed corn in a serving dish

How do you thicken creamed corn?

If you do not like the thickness of your creamed corn, it is easy to thicken. To thicken creamed corn, add 2 teaspoons of corn starch to 1/4 cup of water. Mix the corn starch with the water very well, then pour this corn starch slurry into the corn. Turn the heat up high, and stir until this thickens.

What does cream corn go with?

This side dish goes with just about anything you can imagine; however, it works particularly well with roasted meat such as pork tenderloin, rotisserie chicken, or even a roasted turkey. If meat is not your thing, then go ahead and pair it with cornbread, especially one that is studded with hot peppers like Luby’s Jalapeno Cornbread. Don’t forget a big helping of mac and cheese to turn it into a scrumptious vegetarian meal.

Although creamed corn doesn’t do too well in the fridge over a long period, it is perfectly acceptable to keep any leftovers refrigerated until the next morning. That’s a good thing because there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy Rudy’s Creamed Corn as part of your breakfast!

You don’t have to be a Southerner to love properly made grits like in this recipe, but adding a few heaping tablespoons of creamed corn to each serving takes even the best grits to the next level of deliciousness. It is s snap to transform last night’s leftovers into sausage and corn gravy for those wanting something a little more hearty. Fry up your favorite bulk sausage and drain well before stirring into a warm, creamed corn. Serve over a biscuit half or toast.

If you need more ideas, here are a few.

  • Barbeque
  • Meatloaf
  • Fried chicken
  • Roasted pork
  • Salsbury steak
  • Pork chops

Tips For Making Homemade Creamed Corn

  • Rudy’s Creamed Corn recipe is easy to scale up, and it makes an ideal take-along side dish for parties or potlucks. If you plan on serving a crowd, use a slow cooker set to warm to maintain the correct serving temperature.
  • Taste the corn you use before adding sugar. The sweetness level of corn can differ dramatically, so you will want to adjust the amount of sugar you add to the creamed corn.
  • Don’t want to use frozen corn? You can use fresh, each corn cobb yield’s about 3 to 4 ounces of kernels. So you may need 4 to 6 ears to make this recipe with fresh corn.


Here’s what you need to make Rudy’s creamed corn:

  • Heavy cream
  • Cream cheese
  • Frozen corn kernels
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
Rudy's creamed corn ingredients

How to Creamed Corn like Rudy’s BBQ

  1. In a medium-sized pot over medium heat, combine heavy cream and cream cheese.
  2. Stir until well blended and cook until the sauce is smooth and creamy.
  3. Add corn kernels and stir them in.
    homemade Rudy's creamed corn in a saucepan
  4. Cook until the corn is warmed through.
  5. Add salt and sugar. Stir and cook a few minutes, until sugar is dissolved.
  6. Serve with fresh cracked black pepper if desired.

Crockpot Creamed Corn like Rudy’s

People ask me all of the time, how to prepare this recipe in a crockpot. I recommend doubling the recipe because crockpots are larger, but you will simply place all of the ingredients into a crockpot, and cook on low for 4 hours. Be sure to stir it once every hour, and serve. That’s it!

Recipe Notes

You could cook this recipe in a crockpot if you wanted to double or triple the recipe. I love to cook this creamed corn on the stovetop.

This recipe scales very well. I think this recipe doubles or even triples very easily. This recipe also reheats very well. You could even prepare this side dish a day or two before a special meal to make meal preparation easy.

homemade Rudy's creamed corn in a serving dish

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overhead view of homemade Rudy's creamed corn in a serving dish

Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q Creamed Corn

Make Rudy’s Country Store creamed corn just like they do.
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Rudy’s Country Store Recipes
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 621kcal


  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 16 ounces corn frozen
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • black pepper


  • In a medium pot over medium heat combine heavy cream and 4 ounces of cream cheese. Stir until well blended, and the sauce is smooth and creamy. Add corn kernels, and stir them in. Heat until the corn is warmed through. Add salt and sugar. Serve with some fresh cracked black pepper if desired.





Calories: 621kcal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 55g | Saturated Fat: 32g | Cholesterol: 193mg | Sodium: 718mg | Potassium: 375mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 8g | Vitamin A: 2420IU | Vitamin C: 6.9mg | Calcium: 108mg | Iron: 0.6mg

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  1. Sunny

    I made this and added jalapeños for a little extra kick, it was awesome. With the leftovers (there’s only 2 of us) I made creamy corn chowder and it was the best corn chowder ever. Will def use this recipe again!!

  2. Amy

    I lived in Texas for over 12 years . We had a Rudy’s on the corner from where we lived and we went there often through work and home. This recipe is pretty dang spot on from what I recall. The first couple of times I made it in my crock ot it was a little runny, but I just thickened it up , afterall, that cream sauce is the best part, right ?
    SInce moving back to Ohio, I am thankful for this recipe as this is certainly one of the things I miss about Texas for sure !
    Thanks for sharing !

  3. Ron

    I have been to Rudy’s several times over the years and while their BBQ is quite good this is probably the best sweetcorn recipe I know of.
    Living in Wisconsin has its advantages we are just finishing up on corn season and I have a Packer Bear party tonight and ran across this.
    People are going to flip over this one thank you so much for reminding me of it!

  4. Steve Hall

    5 stars
    Every time I go to Texas the first I do is see if there is a Rudy’s close by. I love the BBQ, but the creamed corn is what I look forward to the most. I have tried a few times to replicate it without success. Stephanie you have nailed it with this one. We made this tonight and it was awesome. Thanks for this.

  5. Kris

    5 stars
    I used this recipe for church picnic and increased the size. Roasted dozen and half ears of corn on the grill the day before, cut off the cob and stored in ziploc. Next day heated a full quart of heavy cream, 8 oz reg cream cheese and small tub of chive and onion cream cheese with salt and pepper on stovetop. No sugar. Mixed with corn in 5 qt crock pot for one hour on high. Lowered temp and took to the picnic. Delicious!

  6. Jennifer Che

    This recipe was delicious and fast! It was a huge hit at the bbq I took it to, so many thanks to the cook. That said, I did make an alteration – I replaced half the cream cheese with half a stick of unsalted butter, because the cream cheese taste was a bit overpowering the first time I tried it. Very thankful for this recipe. The slow cooker recipes all take hours and I needed this in a rush

  7. Katherine Johnson

    5 stars
    Thank you for this recipe, Stephanie! I made it for Thanksgiving in a crock pot and it was well received. We are smoking a turkey breast for Father’s Day today and decided Rudy’s corn was a must. I tried the suggestion of starting with a roux before adding the cream and cream cheese and it’s nice and thick. I’m letting it hang out in the oven at 200 degrees for a couple of hours. I have more cream on hand if I need to thin it a bit, but I think the consistency is going to be great for smoked turkey. Thank you!!

  8. Barb Fuller

    I often make this recipe for a copycat of Rudy’s Creamed Corn, and I always use Philadelphia brand cream cheese. I find that it makes a difference in the taste. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, to me, just has a fresher taste to it. I also add the unsalted butter, plus I use a bit more than 1/2 pint of the heavy cream. I plan to add some chives and onion the next time I cook this up, to give this suggestion a try.

  9. Vera

    We lived in San Antonio for awhile and we fell in love with Rudy’s.I make the corn every so often as it is awesome.i will have to try making the baked beans soon.

  10. Ex-Yankee

    I love the CopyKat recipe for Rudy’s creamed corn! It was easy to make in my crockpot and it was delicious!

    I have been looking for their Bar-B-Q baked bean recipe. My search online has been frustrating. I love the spicy, but not overpowering, taste of Rudy’s baked beans! We are going to have a party very soon, in Texas, hosting visiting non-Americans. I would like to serve this dish. I could cheat and buy it from Rudy’s but I would prefer it homemade, if possible.

    • Lori

      It is dead on because weve made it at home and Everyone asks for it often.

      I make mynown baked beans that are sweet and savory.
      Ibwill just give you what I use but Indont have any measurements because I dont measure anything when I cook. I taste as I go.
      Cans of pork n beans
      I add the following to taste
      Brown sugar, ketchup, a few squirts of yellow mustard, a few shakes of Worchestershire sauce.
      A chopped onion
      Bacon cut up into pieces raw.
      Mix all together and taste before you add the onion and raw bacon. Bake is pan in the oven at °375 until onion and bacon is done.
      My family loves these and asks for them often.

  11. Gemma

    I wonder if the people having problems with it being too runny are using regular whipping cream instead of HEAVY whipping cream, there is a difference and it would make the final product more watery. I just made this and it is wonderful! Such a yummy treat after moving away from Austin six years ago. I ended up using only 3/4 of a pint of cream because that was just my personal preference for consistency, I started with a 1/2 pint and just added more until it got like I wanted. I also only used 1 tsp of sugar because the corn is sweet on its own.

    Thank you so much!

    • Austinite

      They actually use regular sugar and there isn’t any cream cheese in it either. If you ask them what’s in it they’ll tell you plus they use roux (butter and flour) to thicken it up.

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